The objective of humanitarian aid appeal is to save lives, alleviate suffering, & maintain human dignity. It may, therefore, be distinguished from development aid, which seeks to address the underlying socioeconomic factors which may have led to a crisis

Health care support, community weather warning, agricultural seed parcels, climate change talks, food parcels, first aid, school supplies, clothing, bedding, soaps, mosquito nets, crutches, wheelchairs and hearing aids, etc

Around the world, individuals face barriers to receiving a quality education because they lack access to affordable and hygienic menstrual products, adequate WASH facilities, and menstrual health education.

Like we at the Maboshe Memorial Centre (MMC) did using our own pocket resources on the 5th January, 2021, when we at the Maboshe Memorial Centre (MMC) had WALK COVID-19 PREVENTION EDUCATION CAMPAIGN to Mawawa where we made a donation of 150 face mask made by volunteers at Maboshe Memorial Centre (MMC) to the people of Mawawa community in this...

Miracle Nyambe 7 years of age of Mongu district near showground opposite Kapulanga junction is suffering for Cerebral Palsy since he was born and he is soliciting for help from well wishers to travel to India for advanced Neuro rehabilitation treatment followed by 5 days of hospitalization for Neuro therapy along with 5 days of physiotherapy on OPD...

According to the World Health Organization, the COVID-19 virus has reached pandemic levels and no one should remain behind in education, health issues and prosperity. Since persons with disabilities are at the peripherals of the society, they are usually the last individuals to receive services or information.Maboshe Memorial Centre (MMC) is doing...

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