Maboshe Memorial Centre - MMC is a child disability not-for-profit; non-political and non-religious affiliations organization founded on the 24th November, 2006 in memories of the late Dr. Rodney Aongola Maboshe in Mongu, Western, Zambia and registered under the laws of Zambia.


A barrier free society fully inclusive of children with disabilities.


To create an enabling environment through which children with disabilities will realize their full potential by building partnerships and networking, capacity building, resource mobilization, skills development and training, advocacy through a child centered, community based rehabilitation and rights based approach.


To push government and other key change makers to improve existing services and increase opportunities for children with disabilities.


· COMMUNITY-BASED REHABILITATION (CBR) approach to mobilise individuals within the community to help them challenge the barriers faced by their children with disabilities.

· RIGHTS-BASED APPROACH - All of our work is grounded in a rights-based approach. This means we firmly believe that children with disabilities should enjoy the same equal rights as everybody else. We are guided by the principle that all children with disabilities should be able to participate in life on an equitable basis regardless of their abilities.

· CHILD PARTICIPATION:MMC will ensure meaningful child participation and call for children with disabilities to be engaged in the design and delivery of solutions.

· CHILD EMPOWERMENT:Empowering children with disabilities to exercise and claim their rights by advocating for and facilitating their participation in national, regional and international human rights mechanisms and processes.

· CHILD TRAINING: We seek to teach and train children with disabilities to "bake bread so that they may bake bread for the rest of their lives."

· TEAM WORK: Team work for the generation means that decisions are made in consultation; there is sharing of information, experiences and challenges, encouraging entrepreneurial activities, innovation, creativity and change for the better, with an acknowledgement mindset that we cannot solve problems of poverty alone but only through team work and mutual partnerships.

· CONFIDENTIALITY:The work for the generation is involved in, demands the highest standards of confidentiality. All staff workers are expected to handle all information they receive with utmost integrity.

· FINANCIAL:To be transparent in all matter associated with money providing a complete accountability for all resources received

· NETWORKING: Collaboration with all those who share our vision and working with disabilities organisations.

· INCLUSION: Leaving no one behind. We aim to ensure that all children with disabilities especially those representing key and marginalized populations are meaningfully involved in our programming.


Maboshe Memorial Centre - MMC has been working mainly at the grassroots level in Western province since 2006 helping children with disabilities from poverty stricken families raise the voices in advocating and raising awareness of equal rights and opportunities to bring about positive change.

  • Advocating for change in the national policy arena (Improves existing services and increase opportunities for children with disabilities).
  • Inclusive education (Early Childhood Education, Child to child inclusive education, Sponsorship aid (primary, secondary & tertiary).
  • Inclusive health (Sexual reproductive health rights, Child-friendly spaces and other diseases).
  • Inclusive Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) (modifies inaccessible sanitation facilities)
  • Inclusive Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM).
  • Inclusive economic empowerment
  • Child Rights Clubs (CRCs) (Support engagement of children with disabilities in the policy arena to strengthen policy and legal frameworks, lobbying the government for disability-inclusive programmes and legislation, protection legal services, etc).
  • Humanitarian aid (Climate change & disaster risk reduction).
  • Community child protection advocates and agents of change (Supporting local families to break down the stigma and discrimination around disability, we ensure the protection and inclusion of children with disabilities within their communities).
  • Build a network of advocates and organizations to campaign for improved services for children with disabilities.
  • Inclusive Governance (Right to vote/participate in Government)


· To improve access to Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM) in schools and female correctional facilities.

· To improve access to safe clean water, safe hygiene and sanitation (WASH) for schools, health centre facilities and communities with cases of diarrhea, pneumonia, typhoid and trachoma and good hygiene practice.

· To provide sustainable, affordable and durable housing units and other slum dwellers.

· To increase access to justice, counseling, psychosocial support, first aid, referral, free legal aid, case management and representation in courts of law.

· To improve access to vocational and education sponsorships.

· To improve the health and social services status of children with disabilities.

· To improve livelihoods income, nutrition and food security.

· To improve community resilience, livelihoods and climate change.

· Humanitarian aid, disaster management and emergency response.

· Organizational development and institution strengthening.

Thank you for your interest in the Maboshe Memorial Centre -MMC.


Ms. Namukolo Mulumemui

Acting Executive Director

For more information about Maboshe Memorial Centre - MMC, Click below to download the "Profile for the Maboshe Memorial Centre - MMC and Click below to download Constitution for the Maboshe Memorial Centre - MMC.

            "Support our mission of improving lives of girls and young women with disabilities in rural/remote communities of western, Zambia"
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