Over 60% of the population lives under the poverty line in Zambia. Despite Zambia having one of the world's fastest growing economies, it remains one of the world's poorest countries. Currently, close to 64% of Zambians live under $2 a day and the majority of those who earn more barely make ends-meet.

Child Disabilities Learning Centre under the Maboshe Memorial Centre (MMC)'s work focuses not only on tailoring education to meet the needs of children with disabilities, but also on changing attitudes to break the cycle of destitution that entraps children with disabilities.

Zambia has one of the highest child marriage rates in the world with 31% of women aged 20-24 years married by the age of 18. The child marriage pandemic in Zambia is an economic, social and also a health issue. We campaign against child marriage and harmful traditional practices and negative community attitudes towards girls limit them from...

Adolescent girls and young women with disabilities have little knowledge about their sexual and reproductive health and rights and limited access to services adolescent girls and young women with disabilities are not seen as needing information about their sexual and reproductive health and rights or capable of making their own decisions about...



We don't want your cash, we just want your secondhand, new or old clothes & shoes. Dress me is an initiative of Maboshe Memorial Centre (MMC) to collect secondhand clothes & shoes from well wishers around the country to dress up vulnerable people without clothes in Zambia.



Governance is critical if we want to invest in women and remove their democratic exclusion when it comes to power, decision making and influence. The participation of women in decision making positions generally plays two roles: empowerment of women and achieving gender parity. Women while being care takers, conventionally also play the role of...

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