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MMC's work depends entirely on the generosity and enthusiasm of our supporter base. This is for all of you who believe in our work and have journeyed and still journey with us. We would love to be to thank everyone who has raised and given money to us.

The financial information given here is a detailed financial resource expended sources of income from the MMC audited financial statement for the project end.

A copy of the financial statements has been submitted to different donor committees. In the opinion of the auditor, the financial statements give a true and fair view, in accordance with Zambia Generally Accepted Accounting Practice, of the state of the MMC's affairs, marking the end of MMC funding cycle and of its incoming resources and application of resources for the year then ended, and have been properly prepared in accordance with the Zambia Generally Accepted Accounting Practice.

The summarized financial information may not contain sufficient detail to allow for a full understanding of the financial affairs. For further information, the full financial statements, the auditor's report on those financial statements should be consulted. Copies of these can be obtained from the MMC's National Office, Off Mongu-Lusaka Road, Chisonga Area, Mongu, Western Province, Zambia, Southern Africa.

Regarding expenditure, 100% of the total funds were spent on planned programme activities. The major capital expenditure highlight was the administrative support and community conversation programmes where clients could access community information.

It was only possible for MMC to accomplish the above projects and programmes due to the generous support of its donor. The organization would like to sincerely thank its donor for their continued and valued support over the year.

Independent Auditors' Statement to the Trustees of MMC. We have examined the summarized financial statements of MMC set out on this page.

There are a great many achievements to celebrate across MMC operation sites. The accomplishments that you will read in the page of this report are only a few highlights from MMC in the past year, representative of many more, and we congratulate and thank all of the MMC Staff, Volunteers whose hard work and skill has made our success possible-making our mission to "place vulnerable young people at the forefront of change and development" a reality.

We also would like to thank our Trustees and National Board Members for their personal commitment to our vulnerable children-led mission.

We are immensely proud of what MMC has achieved, and extremely excited about the bright future that we are headed into.Click above to download Organization Annual Field Reports

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