According to the World Health Organization, the COVID-19 virus has reached pandemic levels and no one should remain behind in education, health issues and prosperity. Since persons with disabilities are at the peripherals of the society, they are usually the last individuals to receive services or information.Maboshe Memorial Centre (MMC) is doing community service voluntary work with Community Health workers helping out persons with disabilities with COVID-19 services.In view of this, Maboshe Memorial Centre (MMC) noticed that most of the times, persons with disabilities (deaf people) are at the peripherals of information released on how to help person with disabilities (deaf people) are considered at the very last minute for anything good in societies. To illustrate this perception, one can look at the way information on the corona virus has been communicated to the general populous.This effort is aimed at providing delivery service and relief kits to any persons with disabilities across Western province, Zambia irrespective of tribe, religious, and disability.Maboshe Memorial Centre (MMC) is seeking for help from individual well wishers, business houses and organisations who can help to make donations in form of financial or material resource to our cause. Please consider partnering with us, as we seek ways to prevent the spread of Covid-19, protect and provide essential services to thousands of person with disabilities (deaf people) in our programmes and communities across Western province, Zambia.

Your donations will help support our cause with the following:

  • Hygiene items (pads, paper towels, tissues)
  • Supplies of pairs of face masks.
  • Supplies of hand sanitize.
  • Supplies of Soap.
  • Supplies of hand washing facilities
  • Supplies of COVID-19 IEC materials.
  • COVID-19 Prevention sensitization awareness among persons with disabilities.
  • COVID-19 Emergency Hotline Telephone Operator Call Centre.
  • COVID-19 community radio protection information
  • COVID-19 social media platforms protection information

The campaign is designed to specifically help vulnerable persons with disabilities stay at home and reduce the spread of the Covid-19 Virus.

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