Zambia has one of the highest child marriage rates in the world with 31% of women aged 20-24 years married by the age of 18. The child marriage pandemic in Zambia is an economic, social and also a health issue. We campaign against child marriage and harmful traditional practices and negative community attitudes towards girls limit them from enjoying their full birthrights as citizen of the country. In our target communities, girls are perceived as inferior, marriage materials (brides), weak, unwise and unequal to boys and men.

  • Ensure that adolescents had access to sexual and reproductive health services.
  • Free school sponsorship fees (primary, secondary & tertiary)
  • School supplies (books, uniform, shoes, school bag, shoes, food hampers, clothing, beddings, soaps, Braille and sign language symbols, mattress, pillows, sheets, blankets, mosquito nets, toys, crutches, wheelchairs and hearing aids),
  • Referral to bursary and scholarship scheme
  • Raise awareness campaign in working with traditional leaders and faith leaders as critical agents of change in its effort to eliminate child marriage.
  • Rehabilitation and re-integrating,
  • Dialogue meeting with spouses of Traditional Leaders on Ending Child marriages.
  • Strengthen the capacity of out of school adolescent girls in income generating activities through vocational trainings in order to make them economically self dependent and buy enough time for marriage.
  • Advocate for progressive legislation and policies to protect the interests of the youths and with a special interests in girls.
  • Advocate and lobbying skills for an inclusive participation for youths in decision making and governance structures at community and district level.
  • Promote the re-entry policy and support of girl child education in rural schools.
  • Men Action Groups On Ending Child Marriage: on using 18+ campaign a safe space were young girls decision making process are made on how to help and report cases of girl child abuse and child marriages and also to advocate for traditional leaders to pass by laws. In Western province in Zambia is driven by gender inequality this limited girl child education, poverty, limited sexual health education and traditional practices and beliefs, and the low social status assigned to girls. MMC is committed to end child marriage in Western province by mobilizing young girls as one of its top goal to influence Zambia national leaders to end child marriage in addressing the multiple root causes of the practice, including gender inequality. (Child marriage love is not it kills the future of a girl child).
  • Offering free training and services of psychosocial support on stigma and discrimination which keeping girls from completing their education after ending marriage & GBV against girls.
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